Welcome to the Forum for Discussion of Israel and Palestine!

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We are an interfaith organisation run by Jews, Christians and Muslims, which promotes positive dialogue on Israel/Palestine. We take no political position but have shared values, such as recognising the humanity of the other.

Exploring the World and Fostering Positive Dialogue on Israel/Palestine

Welcome to our interfaith organization, where Jews, Christians, and Muslims come together to promote positive dialogue on the Israel/Palestine conflict. While we take no political position, our shared values include recognizing the humanity of the other, seeking common ground, and advocating for peace.

One of the ways to foster understanding among different cultures and backgrounds is through travel and exploration. Traveling allows us to experience the beauty and diversity of the world, which can be a source of inspiration and empathy. As we explore new places and cultures, we often find that our differences are overshadowed by our shared human experiences.

In this spirit of exploration and unity, we'd like to share some wonderful travel destinations and dining experiences. These places offer not only delicious cuisine but also the opportunity to connect with people from diverse backgrounds:

Through these diverse travel experiences and our commitment to positive dialogue, we hope to bridge gaps, build connections, and foster a more inclusive and understanding world for all.

Safe travels and meaningful conversations!

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