Participants on FODIP’s Study Tour 2013.
Haifa - Jess and Maggie

Statement on the conflict
As Jews, Christians and Muslims, we at FODIP view with sadness and alarm the recent escalation of violence suffered in Gaza and Israel. We wish to express our heartfelt sympathy with the bereaved, the injured and the terrified – especially during this holy month of Ramadhan. We call upon all those with any influence to work for a just and courageous solution, especially for the sake of the children on both sides of the divide, growing up in the shadow of fear, suspicion and bitterness. And we call upon all people of faith to be persistent in prayer.

Places available now on our October tour!

Join FODIP’s acclaimed interfaith ‘Questions Without Borders’ Study Tour to Israel and the West Bank, meeting the people, hearing the voices, experiencing worship.
19th – 30th October 2014


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Comments from participants included:

  • “It’s hard to do justice to such a rich experience – I will be unpacking it and integrating it into life and work for a long time.”
  • “A fantastic opportunity to break down some stereotypes misinformation.”
  • “The tour exceeded my desire to learn about Israel – the Biblical sites and the current conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. I appreciated exposure to various religious practices through their sites and through tour members.”
  • “Extremely well planned and executed investigation into the cultural, political and economic currents underlying the conflict as well as overall living conditions in the region.”

(Some bursaries may be available)


Citizens of Europe 2




FODIP In Depth is a new section of Turn Right At Cyprus.
Here, we will take more thorough investigative looks at particular issues regarding dialogue and Israel-Palestine, with commissioned articles and reports ranging from the contemplative to the academic. Our first topic, looking at archaeology and tourism, is now up and running!

Walking the Tightrope
See our new film ‘Walking the Tightrope’ exploring Christian pilgrimage to Israel / Palestine.
With Study Guide and extras.