Time For Action
Time for Action: ‘Kairos Britain’ launched its response at Greenbelt last week to Kairos Palestine.

‘Inheritance of Abraham’
The revised Church of Scotland’s report ‘Inheritance of Abraham’ was accepted by the Church’s General Assembly. The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities (Scojec) says it feels unable to maintain direct contact now with the Church.

Land of Promise?
An Anglican exploration of Christian attitudes to the Holy Land, with special reference to ‘Christian Zionism’. This new consultative document, accepted by the worldwide Anglican Communion recently, is a significant contribution to the continuing discussion.

Church of England Motion
A recent Church of England motion commended organisations working in Israel/Palestine. It also attracted controversy. Read the Archbishop of Canterbury’s speech at the debate.

Zionism explored
Daniel Langton explores how Zionism is understood by Jews and Christians, and considers some implications for dialogue.

Joint Statement from the Methodist Church and the Board of Deputies of British Jews
On 7 January, a conversation between representatives of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Methodist Church took place. Discussion focused on the way forward for relations between the two communities in 2011 and beyond.

The meeting followed correspondence between the two organisations. In December, the Rev’d Alison Tomlin, President of the Methodist Conference, wrote to the Board of Deputies to clarify issues relating to, and arising from, the decisions taken at the Methodist Conference in June 2010. The President of the Board of Deputies, Vivian Wineman, welcomed her considered and helpful letter and the opportunity for a constructive conversation.

The discussion led by the two Presidents explored further these concerns and issues. In particular, the need to clarify the use of specific words and phrases (such as Zionism and Christian Zionism) in facilitating a productive and continuing dialogue. The group recognised and commended efforts to build bridges in local communities and discussed future progression of these at the grassroots and national levels. The Methodist Church and the Board of Deputies expressed their gratitude for the support given by the Council of Christians and Jews.

Note: Copies of the letters from the Rev’d Tomlin and Mr Wineman can be read here

Zionism: a Jewish Communal Response
A paper by Jewish scholars exploring the link between Judaism and Zionism, written in response to the Methodist Conference report and the Kairos Palestine document.

Archbishop’s Rosh Hashanah greetings stress need for dialogue on Israel
People of religious faith see the passing of time not simply as a matter of convenience but as marking and honouring the creative activity of God in the world…….

Justice for Palestine and Israel
Report for the Methodist Conference, UK, 2010

Kairos Palestinian Christian document, December 2009
For a list of signatories, please visit

Concordis Papers VIII:
British Churches and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Letters to Pope Benedict on the Holocaust, Israel and Jewish Christian relations

Anglican Commission to the Israeli Chief Rabbinate, May 2010
Communiqué / May 2010

Anglican Commission to the Israeli Chief Rabbinate, September 2008
Communiqué / September 2008

Anglican Commission to the Israeli Chief Rabbinate, July 2008
Communiqué / July 2008