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11/07/14: Comforting a Bereaved Palestinian Family

by Rabbi Dr. Ron Kronish – Director of the Interreligious Coordinating Council of Israel.

Yesterday, I joined about 350 people–mostly Jewish citizens of Israel–to pay a compassionate condolence call to the family of Mohammed Khdeir (killed by young Jewish extremists), in the tent of mourning in the Palestinian neighborhood of Shuafat, in northern Jerusalem…

Muhamed Abu Khdeir: mourning tent. Source: Wikimedia Commons

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A statement from the Holy Land Trust regarding the recent conflict.


“This is a call to action, a call to create a new paradigm in understanding and addressing the challenges facing the communities of the Holy Land…”

Read HLT’s Director, Sami Awad’s
call to positive action
at this crucial time.


FODIP In Depth

FODIP In Depth is a new section of our blog, Turn Right At Cyprus. Here, we will take more thorough investigative looks at particular issues regarding dialogue and Israel-Palestine, with commissioned articles and reports ranging from the contemplative to the academic. Our first topic, looking at archaeology and tourism, is now up and running!

Walking the tightrope

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