Womens Voices

Based in Greater Manchester, this project – currently under way – provides young women with skills to manage and deliver community-based projects. It is sponsored by Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

What do participants gain?

  • Personalised mentoring in leadership and activism by a FODIP project member.
  • Project organising skills: Skills and experience in designing, running and managing successful projects.
  • Professional skills: As part of the project, participants will develop their skills in presentations and marketing.
  • Basic conflict resolution skills: Skills in facilitating difficult discussions and constructing safe spaces.
  • Activist and leadership skills: Ability to facilitate diverse groups and influence people and institutions positively to make positive change. There will also be sessions on aspects of women and leadership, and issues around civic engagements.
  • Networking: Access to networks of regional and national interfaith leaders for sharing ideas and contacts.
  • The possibility of travelling to Israel/Palestine to view women’s projects.

Women s voices seminar flyer-page-001

For further information, please contact Sadia by email: [email protected].


Sadia Akram, Project Co-ordinator

(This project is sponsored by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation)